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EUCON International School provides excellent, comprehensive education for your Children!

Why EUCON International School?

Give Your Children Quality, and Comprehensive Education!

We, at EUCON International School, offer excellent, quality, and comprehensive education for young inquiring minds to learn and grow. Our passion for learning means we achieve more than outstanding results. We strive to build confident personalities and creative thinkers and aim at delivering an education that is truly relevant to their future.

We are an international school focused on the social, emotional, spiritual, mental, and behavioral development of our students. Our students walk out with the character and confidence to make an impact in the world, equipped with the knowledge and real-world skills that will take them to the next level in the areas they may serve.

OUR approach

Discover how we make a difference in your Children's lives.

  • Providing the international community with a solid educational institution which will aid them in rearing of their children and give them a true choice in educational values.
  • Protecting the child from evil influences.
  • Developing self-discipline and character in the child.

And much more ... 

See What Others Are Saying!

My kids love Bible study and morning service the most. I am glad EUCON is the place that provides not only English-speaking school experience along with local students but also time for spiritual growth and biblical knowledge. Also, I highly respect the disciplines that school teaches and requires. Our kids do need learn these while they are young to be a good citizen and Christian. My kids’ vocabulary have improved very much thanks to the way EUCON train such as memorizing, reading out etc.

This is quite unique in EUCON that I do not see this from other schools in Saipan. Our kids also enjoy cursive writing which you do not learn in Korea. Basically, they found the way of learning English here is interesting than that of Korea. And they have become more familiar with the language in a short period like in 3 months. This is a great gain! Patient and loving teachers and friendly classmates are also making the school life very enjoyable and comfortable from Day 1.

Jaz Jihae Kim

There are so many positive aspects about EUCON School. As a parent, I feel safe and secure
when my kids are at school. When it comes to learning, it has a high-quality education. Children are taught well that they have more knowledge compared to other children of their age. The school have well-educated, accommodating, and approachable teachers. And as everyone commented, children from EUCON are well-mannered and behave. My children were sent to EUCON as early as Kindergarten, so basically, there are no changes since they were already mentally and spiritually trained from the beginning. From what I observed, they have good behavior towards everyone. They are respectful, well-mannered, behave, and God-fearing children.

Lira Alcoy

My family believes that the most important part of our children’s education is knowing the love of Christ and the mercy and grace of our Savior. EUCON International School has been a huge blessing to our family. Raising children in a culture that is counter to so much of what the Bible teaches is true is very challenging, and EIS has provided a safe and loving environment for our kids to be taught all subject areas through the lens of a Biblical Worldview. Not only do our kids get an amazing education and wonderful teacher support, but they are also reminded daily how much Jesus loves them and how great God is. My children gets not only academic but also the character and spiritual development. Overall a great school that develops a good foundation for kids both in character building and educational fundamentals. Building a strong foundation in your kids is very important in the world we live in today. So invest in what it takes to make your kids stand out, be bold, and be the light by choosing a Christian education. They will leave EIS knowing who God is and have a strong Biblical knowledge to help guide them as they journey through life.

Mary Grace Bautista

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