A Word From the President

Dear Prospective ESL Students:

On behalf of the faculty and staff of EUCON International School/University I warmly WELCOME you to join our growing family.

EUCON is an international school situated in the beautiful tropical island of Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands. The beautiful scenery and spots make it a perfect getaway place for those who wanted to have a peaceful and quiet environment. This environment collaborates with the EUCON’s purpose that is, rigid training/learning to attain the educational objectives set.

We, here at EUCON feel that there is a difference in what we have to offer in the field of education. Our student –teacher is low (1 teacher to 15 or 20 students), our classrooms are quite, and our standard of discipline is strong. The moral atmosphere is a pleasant change from what a parent sees in most schools. This is all because we are a Christian school dedicated to serving the community and offering to that community the very best in academics, discipline, love and social instruction.

In its efforts to help non-English speakers, EUCON designed English as a Secondary Language (ESL) program as a training ground, a first step in building a foundation in learning English. Throughout the years, it has been successful results especially for those who are giving their 110% effort. Because of this and popular demand from our patrons, we broaden the scope of this program, we extended the program to different age category. That means from elementary to high school we have now regular adult ESL.

One of our advantages is the group of teachers that we have. They are not just taking a look at the academic excellence but whole personal aspects. We have loving and caring Christian Educated American teachers.

There are different program scheduled all year long for all ages from 7 years old and up. Please refer to the calendar of activities.

We are looking forward for your joining our school.

Sincerely yours,

Christian Wei, Ph.D., Ed. D.