EIS Kindergarten

Extra-Curricular Activities

At EUCON International School, we provide many educational experiences for students which take place either out of the classroom or out of the ordinary class schedule of the day. What each class does throughout the year will depend on the age level and the interests of the student.

Field Trips

From time to time, there will be field trips to various points of interest on the island and even neighboring islands. Parents will be notified in advance and written permission obtained. Participation in field trips is mandatory, and not an option. All students will wear school uniform on such field trips unless otherwise announced. Parents may be asked to be chaperones from time to time. Chaperones should consult with the school handbook and office about proper dress standards on such field trips. Students are required to maintain the same level of discipline away from the school as is required at school. A nominal fee may be charged for each field trip to cover meals, transportation, and costs.

Field Days and Picnics

From time to time, a class will have a picnic or field day either on school grounds or some designated place on the island. These days will be announced along with what proper attire should be worn. Parents are encouraged to participate with their child’s class during these times.

Class Parties

During the holiday seasons such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine, Easter, etc., classes will each be having their own individual parties and programs. Parents will be notified of these parties and programs and are encouraged to come.