About Dr. Christian Wei

Dr. Christian Wei was saved on September 10, 1978.  A colleague in the Taiwan military was influential in bringing him to a Church started by a faithful GFA missionary, Mrs. Myriam Faust, and her adopted son.  Soon he was saved through the conviction of the Holy Spirit.  In 1980, he was called to preach.  In 1986, Dr. Wei graduated from the Orient Fundamental Bible College in Taiwan. He was ordained to preach by Dr. Bob Jones, Jr. at his graduation.  God continued to lead and direct Dr. Wei for His service. In June of 1986 Rev. Christian and his wife, Judy, left Taiwan to go to Bob Jones University for further Bible training.  In May 1987 he received his M. A. in Theology.  In May of 1992 he graduated from BJU with a Ph.D. in Theology. 

In September 1987, Dr. Wei started Chinese Bible Church, Greenville, South Carolina. Later the church began a mission department to support missionaries.  As the missions department expanded, the church felt it was time to form a missionary organization through which it could send missionaries to the Chinese throughout the world.  In 1992, Chinese For Christ International was established as the first branch under the now larger Christian Way Missions, Inc., which also includes the divisions of India For Christ International. Dr. Christian Wei is still active as the president of the mission board. CWM is a fundamental mission organization with the purposes of EVANGELISM- making disciples of all nations, EDIFICATION of believers, EDUCATION – including Christian education movement in 10/40 window through establishing Christian schools, church schools, home schools, and EXPANSION – through the establishment of fundamental Bible believing churches, seminaries, and colleges.  Its burden is to support the persecuted house churches in China, reach out to the souls in 10/40 window, and fulfill the Great Commission.

In 1998, Dr. Wei saw there is a need to start a school and college to train the pastors and preachers of house churches in China, thus, Christian Bible Church Biblical Baptist and EUCON International School of Saipan started.  Later in 2002, Dr. Wei founded EUCON International College, (now EUCON International University) for the 2 T training (certificate program for pastors and preachers of house churches in China).  There are few hundred pastors and preachers have been trained since 2004 and they can reach out to 1.8 million Chinese Christians. In 2013, Dr. Wei started the Christian Educators’ Training for building the foundations of Christian Education Movement in 10/40 window.