From the President's Desk

Dear Parents and Prospective Student:

Allow me to personally thank you for joining us in our unique family. As you know that EUCON International School of Saipan is a school, which is dedicated to educate our students in Christian Way. Therefore, our purpose is the transforming of students into the likeness of Christian Way; our purpose is the transforming of students into the likeness of Christ in God so that they will become witnesses of God and His Son.

The Bible is only one solid foundation for education because God’s Word is the sole standard of absolute truth. Thus, the necessity and value of all courses, subjects, and lessons in our school will be substantiated by the Scriptures. Since God is the Source of all truth, He has revealed Himself in three ways, namely, the Living Word – the Personal Revelation, the Word of God – the Written Revelation, and the Nature – the General Revelation. Hence, the Revelation of God is the heart of the educational curriculum of our school.

In our school, we emphasize holiness and godly walk with God daily. Thus, we expect our school family members to do everything for the glory of God. In addition, we also expect our people to obey God’s Word, follow God’s Will, and do God’s Works in God’s Way. Moreover, we want our people to “Think what Christ would think; do what Christ would do; say what Christ would say; and be what Christ would be.”

God bless you.

In His mercy and grace,

Christian Wei, Ph.D., Ed.D.