Kindergraten Fees

For US Citizen:

• Entrance Fee: $150.00
• Tuition Fee for K3: $2,190.00
• Tuition Fee for K4-K5: $2,190.00
• Material Fee for K3: $290.00
• Material Fee for K4-K5: $380.00
• Graduation Fee (K5): $75.00
• Accident Insurance: $25.00

We do not accept foreign citizen for kindergarden student.

Other Fees:

 Room/Board (winter/summer): $550.00 (per month, elec. N/A)
• Tuition (winter/summer): $538.00 (each credit)
• Electricity Fee: n/a (depends on the power meter)
• Internet Fee: $25.00 (12 months)
• Medical Insurance: $550.00 (each year)

For any other inquiries regarding fees and possible scholarships, please contact: 

a. China Agent: Joe Wang (e-mail:
 b. Taiwan Agent: Castor Hu (e-mail:
c. Local Agent: Lucy Li (e-mail:

• Dress : $24 
• School Shirt : $15 
• Men's Pants : $19 
• Girl's Bow : $3 
• PE Shirt : $15 
• PE Pants : $20 
• School Jacket : $22 (XS-S); $25 (M); $28 (L-XL)

Items for School Uniform

Refund Policy

If a student withdraws or is expelled during the first four weeks of the school year, tuition charges may be refunded according to the schedule below. Except for tuition, all other fees are nonrefundable. The school refund policy applies to a one-year term. 

• During the first week of school : 90% refund 
• During the second week of school : 80% refund 
• During the third week of school : 60% refund 
• During the fourth week of school : 40% refund

EUCON International School does not carry a blanket medical insurance program for its student body. Insurance coverage is the individual responsibility of each student, whether that student has existing coverage or purchases an individual student insurance from EUCON. When it comes to insurance coverage, EIS will not be held accountable or responsible for accident or injury to students whether on or off school premises.