1. Manage front office staff in the performance of administrative functions.

2. Assist visitors, students and parents with Chinese/Mandarin to English and English to Chinese/Mandarin communication, as needed.

3. Provide executive level administrative assistance to school president and senior management staff.

4. Compose, type, and distribute meeting notes, routine correspondence, or reports. such as presentations or expense, statistical, or monthly reports.

5. Manage projects or contribute to committee or teamwork.

6. Maintain scheduling and event calendars coordinate conferences, meetings, or special events.


Other requirements:

1. Bachelor’s Degree in Management

2. 60 months of administrative management experience

3 Fluent bi-lingual English and Chinese/Mandarin language skills for working with our Chinese students and patrons

4. Skilled in the use of computers for database management and word processing.


 Work Location: EUCON International School, Kulales Place, Chalan Plae Arnold Road, Gualo Rai

Mail Address: P. O. Box 500087, Saipan, MP 98950

E-Mail Address:

Tel# 1670 234 3203